NAVI Faktoring

A complex platform automating operating processes of factoring companies. The platform handles differentiated financial products and handles the processes connected with their sales, clearing, payment of tranches or risk management.  It contains such components as: client panel, broker clearing module, online sales support or elements of analysis and assessment of risk of business entities.
Navifaktoring allows for conclusion, performance and clearing of the contract entirely via the Internet.

Base of entities

An advanced database integrator dedicated for companies conducting the process of assessment and verification of the business partner. It allows for a unified manner of access to over a dozen of independent data sources. Via it, we will obtain the data both from the generally available bases (Central Registration and Information on Business – CEiDG, National Court Register – KRS and Polish Financial Supervision Authority – KNF) and from the credit reference agencies, Credit Information Bureau (BIK) or debt and receivable exchanges.


The solution allows for significant optimisation of data acquisition costs and automation of processes.

Automated Sales Platform

The platform for automated sales of financial products has been prepared in order to handle complicated processes of online distribution of financial products. It handles data collection, completion of applications, analysis of the potential client (inter alia scoring), generation and electronic conclusion of contracts. The platform may be used in order to support the sales of an intermediation and broker network.

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In the course of our work, we havew developed e-commerce platforms and we have been creating VOD, ERP and CRM systems as well as a lot of other web applications.


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