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WYPRZEDAZBIELIZNY.PL - a brand possessed by Kontri Sp. z o.o. having a network of online stores.

The Company conducts activity related to e-commerce both in Poland and on foreign markets, and since June 2006 offers also retail sale and wholesale.




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Client's needs

From the customer point of view, it was necessary to adjust www.wyprzedazebielizny.pl application to the dynamically changing e-commerce with growing importance of mobile devices. The previous system was developed when nobody thought about doing shopping with smartphones, therefore it was compatible with desktops only.  

Consequently development of new system was necessary, compatible with RWD and the latest UX. Additionally the system required upgrading of libraries and technology that would enable e-store operation compatible with smartphones and use of all functionalities offered by modern Internet browsers, HTML5 and JavaScript.   

Moreover on account of growing interest in online shopping and increased number of persons visiting e-store, improvement of its performance was necessary.

Mint Software main objectives:

Implementation of front-end application and communication using API with monolithic e-commerce solution based on Zend Framework 1;

RWD – e-store compatible with mobile devices;

Dynamic product listing, product filtering upgrade, change of result preview;

Modernization of product card and basket;

HTML tags structure modification in respect of SEO;

Implementation of new, front-end mechanism displaying messages according to its type: success, failure and warning;

Development of dedicated CMS, new types of widgets (including different banners– classic, counting until end of special offer, infoboxes displaying any contents and product listing) as well as static websites that previously related to plain articles;

Code debt reduction and application service life extension;

Transfer to complied code to reduce code quantity and complexity ten times on front end with added functionalities at the same time;

Migration of Zend Framework solution to the latest, fast and safe PHP (upgrading to 5.6);

Providing dedicated dashboard panel “My Account”, and extension of sorting and order filtering functionality.

Applied solution

Upon some consultations of Mint Software team with Kontri team and UX specialists from Edisonda, we developed the solution both meeting client’s business needs, and expectations of target consumers — using e-commerce.

The new application front-end RWD was based on ReactJS+ Redux, Boostrap4, Symfony Framework technology, using REST API communication with the old e-commerce system based on Zend Framework.


We performed this project by separating the old application back–end based on Zend Framework from the new front-end. We implemented Load Balancing mechanism what increased system performance three times. Then migration followed of the whole solution to virtualized server environment in claster. We developed distributed server architecture.

At the same time we provided automatic test of critical paths and re-organized layout structure in line with the latest UX. Also refactoring was provided of shopping procedure in respect of performance. Client’s panel was provided with a new user-friendly dashboard. We also implemented mechanisms maintaining the user on the website. 

We designed a unified process for deployment of application and other derivatives from their family. We implemented database migration that enabled keeping the consistency of databases.

Also the code underwent refactoring and its development standards were improved to enhance application performance and make further development possible. For this purpose we made use of the latest, modular ReactJS+ Redux tools, to improve front performance and ensure application compatibility with different browsers.

We implemented framework front Bootstrap4 and vector based interface elements— to provide support in case of high resolution screens. Furthermore we employed asynchronous data exchange model in critical e-store areas (avoiding reloading of whole page). Dependency Injection module was transferred from Symfony3 framework and we launched automatic deployment.

We developed cyclic back-end mechanisms providing data necessary for front-end operation, what improved performance of whole e-commerce thanks to reduced number of queries forwarded to database.

Advantages of developed front-end application:

Seamless and comfortable e-commerce compatible with mobile devices;

Improved usefulness and transparency of e-commerce when using desktops;

Standardization in respect of cooperation with many browsers;

Improved significantly e-store performance, in particular online shopping process by reducing back-end workload;

Providing smooth information exchange with application back-end using communication in JSON format;

Implementation of unified fault, success and warning messages;

Adaptation to modern standards and user habits related to web applications.

Our programmers about the system

Grzegorz Boczar, PHP Solution Developer Mint Software

In a developing and changing world, with rapidly advancing technologies, wyprzedazebielizny.pl was behind the competition and the client suffered big losses due to growing market related to online shopping with mobile devices. Implementation of new tools, optimization of performance and mostly development compatible with RWD provided wyprzedazebielizny.pl with everything that was required to compete successfully with the competition.

References from our client

Andrzej Ciulkin, Kontri Sp. z o.o. President

We opted for Mint Software because our priority was security, stability and further software development. Other essential issue related to team programmers having long-experience in development of dedicated solutions purposed for e-commerce.

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