Microfactoring and B2B purchase financing on-line system

System ready to implement with the ability to adapt to your needs.

Multi-functional platform specialised in online distribution of financial product, available 24/7.

IT system supporting sales process along with financing and customer support. It initiates and completes the sales process until 100% online payment without direct contact with PRAGMA GO representative. It may handle different distribution channels and any visual system related to white label for Companies performing different business activities. The system is ready for implementation of other financial products.

Benefits in figures.

15,6 mln PLN

Value of handled invoices 1 Q 2017

53,4 mln PLN

Value of handled invoices 2 Q 2018

8 mln PLN

Portfolio 1 Q 2017

30 mln PLN

Portfolio 2 Q 2018


Number of clients 1-3 Q 2017


Number of clients 1-3 Q 2018

0,8 mln PLN net

Higher profitability 1 Q 2017

1,7 mln PLN net

Higher profitability 2 Q 2018

Client's needs

The design was submitted to Mint Software due to the change of strategy adapted by Pragma Faktoring SA in the second half of 2016 year, when this Company began works aimed at preparation of microfinancing offer based to large degree on automated IT solutions. It resulted directly from the strategy adopted by the client: focusing on products of lower denomination handled by the system, reduction of operating costs thanks to use of IT technology and tools along with API based integration. 

Mint Software main objectives:

Establishing financing process for Client’s single on-line invoices – generation of a form to acquire clients on-line in short-term (pragma.pl/sell an invoice) by initiating sales process, online identity verification (verification transfer), placing an application through Navi Pragma main system and adaptation to the new venue of business;

Risk assessment system implementation, scoring paths and client automatic rating;

Time savings: transfer micrafinancing services into on-line system so that Clients of MSP, financial institutions and distributors receive money in 2 hours;

Developing safe, multiproduct and user friendly multichannel service system consistent with UX requirements and integrated with API.

Applied solution

The main priority when developing the application was high availability. We used microservice technology that enabled to separate the service handling validation and applications, as well as external contractors using REST API, and front service based on React.js.

The front-end part was developed in client-friendly manner so that user may place an application without direct contact with the adviser. As user experienceis essential and have strategic role in this case, in line with Client recommendations we have implemented a tool monitoring operations performed by users to allow tracking almost in real time and make product improvements possible. In this way we increased efficiency and usefulness of application, and also mitigate problems related to application placement and losses caused by website traffic.

The latest technology employed in the service handling placed applications, namely Symfony 4.1 or PHP7.3 enabled us to perform unit and behaviour tests. However Behat technology enabled to test thoroughly the application in respect of service efficiency and performance.

The latest version of PHP 7.3 enabled higher efficiency and safety of application. Whereas microservice technology and Symfony 4.1 allowed use of API REST in manner that enabled integration with potential partners using their applications. As a result it is very easy to place an application and integration is possible for everybody using two methods: a branded form or API.


Upon some consultations and workshops, an analysis of external environment, client’s needs, main trends regarding financial products and services, as well as availability of new technology it was development in technology of Pragma GO that was the main strategic project implemented by Pragma Faktoring SA.  Usability of the service enabled the client to achieve an advantage over the competition and have the biggest offer available on the market regarding on-line microfinancing.

With assistance of: commercial, operating and risk department, as well as team of analysts from Mint Softwarespecifications of particular products were prepared that later provided for basis of production process. Particular elements of three products were created during hundreds of meetings.

Phases of implementation:



purchase limit.


User-friendly online process of concluding the agreement, along with validation by email or text message to ensure response within 2 hours;

Absence of paper documents and statements;

Payment for an invoice within 2 hours – by instant bank transfer;

Automatic scoring coupled to databases;

Automatic communication with contractual parties;

Microfinancing service development;

Diversifying sources of revenues and financing methods;

Possibility to handle a wide range of products;

Big advantage over the competition;

Savings obtained from automated processes;

Scalability of all products.

Our programmers about system

Bartłomiej Zając, Mint Software Developer

As higher availability of system was evident after some time, we decided to separate the microservice that at this moment may handle around 1000 application per second. Constant application development will result in improved security and performance.

References from our client

Daniel Mączyński, Pragma Faktoring SA Board Vice-President

All these projects were implemented in the constructive environment where the common ground and huge engagement was present all the time. Actually high awareness of business needs was evident every time when software was to be developed! Consequently we saved a lot of time and could implement projects in line with the budget, by conducting interesting discussions that led to innovative solutions.

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