Mint Faktor System

Gotowy do wdrożenia system obsługujący cały proces operacyjny firmy faktoringowej

the possibility of implementing the entire ready system or part of it

the ability to match each system element to the needs of the customer

API integration

the ability to implement the interface on request

quick implementation of new products

system scalability

high availability of SLA 99.8%

post-implementation support, service

Mint Factor System Architecture


Online Sale Module
It supports the process of acquisition of leads and conclusion of agreements online with the use of REST API or web forms.

The module allows for:

  • automated acquisition of leads online with support for SEO, SEM and marketing campaigns,
  • generation of unique landing pages/affiliation links for brokers, business partners and salespersons as well as settlement of their remunerations,
  • e-mail notification system,
  • automated calculation of the costs of the selected services,
  • online client identity verification,
  • conclusion of agreement online.

The Client Panel Module
allows inter alia for:

  • entry of invoices and purchases for financing,
  • full insight into settlements, due amounts and used agreement limits,
  • annexing of factoring limits and increasing of the granted limit,
  • downloading of electronic documents (deductions, assignments, invoices and accounting notes, etc.),
  • privilege management by the users of the Client Panel,
  • e-mail notification system configuration,
  • transaction authorisation by means of SMS codes.


Traditional Factoring Module
It provides full support of the operational process for traditional factoring transactions:

  • it automates the process of handling of the credit applications and annexes in the scope of quotations for the client, work of the analyst and work of the credit committee,
  • it supports the process on the stage of agreement conclusion, receivable insuring, collaterals on the agreement, assignment of due amounts and their financing,
  • it handles the model of analysis of the potential entities, management of the agreement and insurer limits as well as the factoring advances,
  • it automates the process of sending of information to the client (on the quotation, agreement, application rejection, status change).

The workflow implemented in the traditional factoring system may be tailored to the particular needs:

Online Microfactoring Module
It supports and automates the process of conclusion of microfactoring agreements for SME and SOHO segment transactions.

It automates:

  • credit application handling,
  • factoring limit granting,
  • assignment establishment,
  • agreement annexing process,
  • online client identity verification,
  • risk analysis,
  • agreement generation,
  • communication with the client,
  • monitoring of agreements.

Settlement Module
It handles the settlement processes in the entire agreement lifecycle:

  • auxiliary ledger functionality together with the function of settlements and accounting entries,
  • handling of over 40 types of configurable commissions and fees in agreements with clients,
  • integration with the central system/financial & accounting system configured according to the IAS,
  • automated transfer of funds in the form of ELIXIR, SORBNET and Express Elixir,
  • service of cooperation with brokers and intermediaries as well as settlement of salespersons,
  • settlement of bank statements with full support for VAT Split Payment,
  • possibility to settle remunerations and fees per single invoice,
  • full service of collaterals in the form of non-financed transactions,
  • handling of factoring in a foreign currency,
  • automated calculation of fees and commissions,
  • handling of non-reported payments,
  • mass settlement of payments,
  • handling of non-full factoring (collaterals in the form of own contribution/deposit) together with deductions and automated deposit release after settlement with the recipient,
  • automated generation of electronic documents such as invoices, sale invoices, notes, assignments, 40 EUR notes, etc.,
  • control of use of the limits of the recipient, insurer and agreement, automated calculation and verification of the level of their use,
  • full handling of recourse payments.

Business Information Integrator:

  • it aggregates the data and it communicates with external of business information data sources, such as: Bisnode, ATRADIUS, ERIF, KRD, BGW, KRS, BIK, KNF, CEIDG, Informator upadłościowy, InfoMonitor, Długi.Info, GUS, Vat Info, insurers,
  • it downloads, stores and transmits the selected information to other parts of the system,
  • it transmits the up-to-date data in an automated way.

Scoring and Risk Analysis
it analyses the risk of the nanofactoring, microfactoring and traditional factoring credit applications in an automated way,

  • it allows for full automation of the issued credit decisions,
  • it allows for differentiation of the sources of the used data depending on the product, client type or sale channel,
  • it has an inbuilt configurable algorithm which issues an automated credit decision.

Business Intelligence Module
It provides the reporting and report presentation layer based on ETL solution and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

It allows for:

  • handling of GIIF reporting,
  • integration with data warehouse,
  • monitoring of repayment limits, settlements and portfolio profitability,
  • settlement of salespersons and brokers,
  • cyclical monitoring of agreements.


Base Module
The main system functionality constituting the foundation for all functional modules:

The module delivers the most important shared objects for all system elements:

  • catalogue of business partners, users and contact persons,
  • management of privileges and organisational structure,
  • foreign exchange rates and translations,
  • administration panel and system settings,
  • safeguard system,
  • system of application logs compliant with GDPR requirements,
  • application layout, etc.
  • .

Complex platform for various factoring forms


purchase financing

sale of invoices

factoring advances

lump-sum factoring

traditional factoring

online factoring

reverse factoring

recourse factoring

factoring with insurance

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