BPA: Business Process Automation


Business Process Automation

a strategy that allows companies to use technology in order to save time and money

automation of routine, time-consuming tasks

IT solutions that take into account the specificity of business requirements

determines the business strategy of the given company and then transforms it into IT solutions

full scalability of the implemented processes

reduction in the costs of business ventures even by 90%


Settlement and accounting
We automated the repetitive tasks to save the time of employees and to eliminate paper documents.

Credit analysis
We supply data needed for analysis from 16 sources within 5 minutes.

Scoring system
We automated the customer credibility scoring system – initial selection of customers lasts only 1 minute.

Fully online identity verification
We accelerated the customer service process by shortening the verification time to a few seconds.

Automation of the whole factoring process online
We realised a fully automated factoring system based on modern technologies and fin-tech solutions.

BPA implementations to our clients, read the history of their successes:

We work in the Time & Material or Fixed Price models.

Time and Material

payment according to the actually worked time

we suggest this form of work when defining the full scope, schedule and shape of the project is not yet possible

project documentation is created together with the client

the possibility of modification of the functionality of the project during its implementation

the ability to stop the project

based on consultations and first descriptions we estimate the approximate costs of particular system functionalities

we work with 2-week sprints

Fixed Price

specific budget estimated on the basis of the analysis of the ordered solution

we work in this model when it is possible to clearly define the scope and schedule of work

project documentation is created once with the customer

we provide a full cost estimate of individual functionalities and work schedule

the price of the project implementation does not change during work

unplanned modifications of the project are billed as part of the additional work

the settlement is divided into stages in accordance with the project implementation schedule

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