What is a Software House?

21 October 2019 Anna

Do you run your company and need a dedicated software? Or do you look for someone to build a professional website? Software development services become more desirable on the market, therefore there are many offers of various IT companies to choose. One of the solutions worth considering is involvement of software house in your project.

What does software house mean?

In the IT industry, a software house is an important and common term, in other industries however it sounds like a mystery. Regarding the growing popularity of software development services, it is worth learning about what’s this term really means. Then, what does a software house actually do?

Satisfying solution

In general, software house is a company that deals with software development. With regard to interactive agencies which it is often compared to, a software house is an enterprise focused on technological issues, not on marketing purposes. It controls the entire process of IT system development – their services cover the full work cycle of the project: analysis, design, programming, implementation, maintenance, administration and development.

Due to the fact that the software house’s action scope is that extensive, this type of a company is built by a team of various specialists, including persons not directly associated with the IT industry. This looks similar in Mint Software. Our company is created by persons having various skills and experience. Our modern solutions are the result of such a combination:

  • settlement and reconciliation systems,
  • integration with financial and accounting systems,
  • VOD platforms,
  • dedicated document circulation platforms,
  • workflow,
  • CRM,
  • ERP,
  • affiliation networks,
  • online stores of top retail chains in Poland and Europe.


Solution customization is a key of the software houses’ activities, as these enterprises develop dedicated software, which means a software adapted to the customer’s needs. At Mint Software we use such an individual approach as well: we do not create schematic and fully universal systems, but by means of tested tools and technologies available in the market, we develop solutions that may be adapted to your specific needs and that reflect processes in your company.

Business goal focus

One of the key elements in the process of dedicated software development is to carry out a detailed business analysis that constitutes the basis for each project.

Business analysis is largely based on workshop meetings. At this stage, a software house tries to understand your expectations and explore your needs. Analysis of other systems or observing future users is useful in this case as well. The analyst gets requirements, which means, he basically asks the appropriate questions and answers them, and then makes analysis.


You may also use the software house’s services, if you do not have a specific project, but an idea that needs to be changed into an action. The type of FinTech dedicated solutions does not matter – software house’s employees may help develop your project, so that the final project will represent your concept.

To Mint Software team, you are not a customer only, you are most of all a partner – we are very particular about building and maintaining good business relationships with you. If you have a concept but do not know yet what to do with it, contact us – thanks to our experience in the implementation of complex projects, our team will develop your idea.

Project implementation characteristics

If you expect a full professionalism and high quality, a software house is a perfect solution for you. This type of enterprise will provide you with software that certainly will not be provided by a regular interactive agency.

Why is it worth to involve software house in your project? Software house will not leave you after providing the system for use, but it will control it all the time. At Mint Software, upon software implementation, we constantly monitor its operation – we ensure application updates and maintenance on servers as well as we provide technical support.

Project settlement

With regard to budget-related matters, there are several solutions available.

If it is possible to clearly determine the work scope and schedule, we offer a Fixed Price model, in which the budget is estimated by us on the basis of the analysis of the ordered solution. The price for project implementation does not change during work, and any unplanned modifications are charged as part of additional work.

Time & Material model is suggested when it is impossible to specify the entire scope, schedule and shape of the project. In this situation, the project is settled according to the actual time spent for providing solutions. What is important, you may modify the project’s functionality during its implementation, or, if needed, you may event discontinue works.

Work method

Software houses usually work on the so-called Agile method. Upon determination of the time limit for product delivery, work quote and specification of the business goal, the project will be divided into smaller stages – usually two or four weeks – during which we achieve specific goals. Subsequent parts of the software are developed during a specific cycle so that to provide you with the initial and working version of the product as soon as possible. This is the so-called MVP (minimum viable product) version – an early variant of the product you may already benefit from and which software house develops as per the feedback on specific elements of the system. We present and report on all the effects of our work on an ongoing basis: you get access to Jira where you may always check the progress regarding your project.

What are the benefits of such an approach? Right from the beginning, you are present at the system development process and you are aware of how your application is being formed. By learning about working elements of the software early, you will be able to notice new, originally unspecified needs. Thanks to the flexibility, this method also ensures a greater deal of comfort in planning the budget for the development of your projects.

What are the benefits from cooperation with a software house?

  • your project will be handled by persons having appropriate software development skills as well as extensive business knowledge;
  • you will have a real influence on the ordered product, as it will be passed to you for testing after each implementation;
  • you will control the team’s work: you will access the program to manage your project;
  • you will finally receive a system adapted to your expectations and financial capabilities;
  • upon implementation, your system’s operation will continue to be monitored.


When selecting an appropriate software house, it is best to be guided by the customer approach presented by a company, as extensive knowledge on the orderer and understanding their business is a key to success. The best software house treats a customer as a partner, it presents all project stages to them – starting from the concept itself and analysis, to software development and implementation, and maintenance and development.

For four year already, Mint Software has provided its customers with professional software development solutions. If you need a dedicated software or other services, visit our office in Krakow – we will be happy to meet you.

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