RPA – not only robots (facts and myths)

16 August 2019 Anna

The abbreviation RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It means that specialised software is used to replace the traditional worker who performs such repetitive, time-consuming tasks, as downloading and copying data or logging in to the system. In other words, RPA offer specific solutions to automate the operations of the whole enterprise.

What are the most common myths about robotisation?

As a result of the increasing popularity of robotisation and automation, a lot of more or less accurate information has accumulated around these concepts. Although the 21st century started nearly two decades ago, when they hear the word “robot”, many people still imagine complex, humanoid machines from science-fiction movies. However, the “robots” that assist humans in automation processes are nothing but regular software, which does not resemble humans at all.

The increasing popularity of RPA in businesses raises concerns that “robots” may soon completely replace traditional workers, depriving them of any chances for employment. However, in reality, the only aim of robotic automation is not to eliminate humans from numerous company activities, but only to make everyday work easier for them. The benefits of RPA are obvious. First of all, software does the most tedious and mindless tasks for human workers, so that the latter may focus on more difficult duties that require more responsibility. This applies especially to highly qualified specialists, who are often forced to devote their time to perform tasks that are much below their qualifications.

RPA – only benefits

The implementation of RPA offers companies numerous other benefits that facilitate the operations of businesses. As the software takes over the most repetitive tasks, the risk of errorsthat are often made by workers, as a result of exhaustion or the monotony of the performed actions, disappears. On the other hand, the performance and efficiencyof the company improves, because RPA robots perform their tasks more accurately and without any interruptions, while people need breaks during a several-hour working day in order to perform their duties correctly.Moreover, robotic process automation may also protect enterprises against the deficit of office workers.

Areas of RPA implementation

Thanks to their wide scope of applications, RPA software may be used in all units of the company that perform repetitive tasks and process large amounts of data.

Business process automation is most successfully implemented in the following departments:

  • accounting and finance,
  • controlling,
  • debt collection,
  • human resources and recruitment,
  • sales.

The presence of RPA in these sectors may be noticed easily. The robotisation of the recruitment process consists mainly in searching for potential candidates and processing application documents by the software. Automation of the sales department is based on mechanical introduction of orders and application forms and analysing them. On the other hand, in financial processes robots may be used to record invoices, collect receivables, close accounts and analyse balance statements.

Other benefits

Robotic Process Automation is not as complicated as it seems. There is no need to create special solutions for RPA tools, as they use the user interface (GUI) in the existing IT systems. Sometimes, concerns about excessively high costs of such changes may hinder the implementation of RPA. However, in this case one should remember that such investment pays off very quickly.


Robotisation is another inevitable stage of the continuously developing technological progress, which is becoming popular in more and more enterprises. At first, the process may seem complex and unprofitable, but in reality it has a positive influence on the activity of the company in many areas.

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