BPA – Bullet Points on Automation

21 June 2019 Anna

How does Business Process Automation work?

BPA or Business Process Automation is a method that consists in the automation of certain elements of repetitive processes in order to optimise company operations. Appropriate software is able to perform complex, yet schematic tasks within a short time, “releasing” time and eliminating needless effort of the worker, which reduces the need to hire more employees and thus saves money of the company.


Business Process Automation is ubiquitous. It is used in every sector, from manufacturing industries through the spedition and telecommunications sectors, to service providers, where it improves the existing processes. It permeates through our daily life and, fortunately, replaces humans in an increasing amount of tasks.

Let’s have a closer look at the difference that BPA makes in business processes.

Why is it worth deciding to implement BPA and what documented benefits have our Customers obtained thanks to it?


1. Save the time of your workers – and reduce their frustration!

When workers perform identical or very similar tasks every day, we waste time, money, and their performance is usually reduced as a result of boredom. Process optimisation through the use of BPA enables the staff to focus on creative or, sometimes, critical tasks.

An example of an automation project that has freed up valuable human resources is our settlement and accounting system. Our software allows us to eliminate the use of printed documents completely: all operations and customer settlements are conducted online. As a result, administrators are able to optimise their work by focusing on issues that require their insight and inventiveness.

2. Eliminate errors that put your business in danger

Errare humanum est– wherever humans work, we must assume a certain margin of error. Manual task performance always involves a limited level of accuracy and higher risk of mistakes. As we know all too well, sometimes even the smallest deficiencies can lead to high costs or a loss of profits for your company. The use of precise software allows us to minimise this risk.

Let us consider a situation when a loan is granted to a person who then turns out to be great at generating debt, instead of revenues. Thanks to automated analysis of data that are collected from 16 sources, the employee who is responsible for risk assessment and customer rating will receive a full set of information even before they start assessing the submitted loan application. Automated risk assessment will prevent their company from granting a loan to an entrepreneur who is not eligible.

3. Keep 100% control over the ongoing process

Complete documentation is a “safety valve” for the company. If something goes wrong, the possibility to track all steps enables us to find the mistake, correct the code or finish the task quickly. Business Process Automation guarantees full documentation and ensures 100% transparency. It is noticeable at the first sight, who is responsible for the mistake and how much time is required to correct the process, which is especially important in complex, scalable projects.

4. Accelerate the realisation of orders

Routine tasks are usually monotonous and time-consuming. Smart automation software allows to shorten the time of their realisation dramatically and, at the same time, optimises the work flow in the organisation.

An example of successful implementation of BPA tools is the automation of leasing offers. The process of concluding a contract can really be that simple and quick!PA allows us to shorten the process of signing the agreement from 14 to 5 days. During that time, the full basket process and scoring are performed, and the agreement is signed online.

5. Act based on data

Good BPA tools offer analytical functions that allow us to view the whole process “from a bird’s eye”. It enables diagnosing bottlenecks and identifying key information that are required to make decisions, which will allow you to further develop your business. Access to data may prove to be the most valuable resource for individuals who decide about development directions of the company.

Quite often, the bottleneck in accelerating the process of signing agreements is the need to collect business intelligence data from all economic sources in order to evaluate and verify potential customers. Thanks to automation, 100% new customers are verified by the developed robotised business data integrator. The time of customer verification may be shortened from 6 hours to 5 minutes.


It seems that, due to growing market expectations, BPA is not only an option, but even a sine qua non condition for business development. The stories of our customers prove that the automation of selected business processes is a factor that determines gaining advantage over competitors. No wonder, considering that BPA is a synonym of saving time and money, improving the performance of employees, timely project realisation and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

BPA implementations to our clients, read the history of their successes:

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