Automation and robotization of accounting

Platform for leasing payment

LeaseLink platform enables shopping related payments by leasing with quick transfer (B2B, MSP, SOHO). With LeaseLink an entrepreneur can pay for online and traditional shopping. This proprietary application provides a digitized solution, eliminates paper work, takes only 10 minutes and is available 24 h/7!

Benefits in figures.

5 mln PLN

the value of business in 2016

67 mln PLN

the value of business in 2018


contracts signed in 2016

15 000

contracts signed in 2018

37 000

handled invoices in 2017

155 000

handled invoices in 2018

Client's needs

In 2016 Pragma Group invested in, namely new company – a start-up that developed an application handling applications, contracts and invoicing. This business showed dynamic development and success and there was demand for a new solution very quickly.

The previous booking system was supported exclusively with Symfonia software that did not handle leasing and resulted in bottleneck due to growing number of operations. The system was not capable of processing growing number of data and demand was evident for Middleware system that will provide automated data transfer between Back Office LeaseLink and financial & accounting system – namely a system that will ensure processing 1.5 thou. instead of a few agreements a month.  

Therefore it was necessary to reduce workload for employees: previous processes were handled manually. Moreover automation was also sine qua non condition for handling growing number of processes and data (agreements and invoices) with the same number of staff.

Mint Software main objectives:

Integration of Back Office with Symfonia ERP financial & accounting system;

Automated integration;

Automated billing and settlements;

Developing controlling system for Company monitoring and financial data analysis.

Applied solution

Mint Software team upon consultation with LeaseLink Board and billing department designed and developed Middleware system customized to client’s needs. System was based on ETL, Microsoft.NET and Windows Communication Foundation.

This new communication channel— combining two systems and operating on basis totally new logics— was to provide automated and self-operating operation and support the accounting system with more data in manner consistent with the International Accounting Standards (IAS).

By its design it was to deliver data transfer and automatic recording in booking software with different categories including: an income, bank statements, agreement schedules, agreement appointment, termination, renewal and settlements.  

Moreover the designed system provided owner’s supervision, controlling, data aggregation both using Back Office system as well as financial & accounting system in the manner that enabled management analysis.


Mint Software modified, upgraded and improved the system for some years by adding different functionalities and options. In the meantime data structure changed in Back Office database or new accounts and some products were generated, what resulted in another system extension, but it wasn’t the slightest problem for Mint Softwareas it’s team of professionals demonstrating creative and flexible approach.

Jacek Obrocki,  Board Member

Advantages of System Middleware:

Change of data structure according to financial & accounting system;

Booking huge amount of data, operations, transactions— at quantity comparable with the biggest leasing Companies;

Data transfer and automated booking processes performed by computer;

Continual Back Office updating with current information, performed operations and settlements.

References from our client

Jacek Obrocki, LeaseLink Board Member

Further development of system would be impossible without Mint Software competences. Their expertise in back-end and Symfonia was invaluable and was the basis for developing the unique and customized solution.

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